Physically Strong. MENTALLY FIT.  

Exercise has been a neglected intervention in mental health care and it is time to start making healthy avenue's part of the treatment plan.

Approximately 50% of those struggling with their mental health do not have the proper coping skills to deal with the unavoidable stress of life, which can lead to: 

Worsening of mental health, addiction, and even physical problems.

 It is proven that even moderate exercise can make an impact.

 No matter your age or fitness level, you can use exercise as a game changing tool to improve your mental health.

10 ways to Crush your Goals without standing in your own way

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The Exercise Effect

Neuroscientific findings support that a healthy mind really does depend on a healthy body.

Did you know Exercise...

Increases serotonin (the neurotransmitter targeted by antidepressants)  and Increases Brain neuron Connections which lead to healthier thought patterns
Improves how the brain deals with stress 
Has been shown to decrease overall tension, elevate and stabilize mood, improve sleep, and improve self-esteem.

Mental Fitness Programs

Our unique solutions are designed to build your mental strength and provide positive ways to cope to the challenges of life.


Unique 90 day program that incorporate physical exercise, a personal fitness goal as well as Mental Strength Training to improve overall mental health. 
The goal of the Mentally Fit Program is that you walk out of it with more Confidence, Resilience, Healthy Coping and are more Mentally Strong than when you came in.
Mentally Fit

Mentally Fit Kids

This 'COMING SOON' Program is an exciting way to not only get kids moving but also will teach them healthy coping skills to take with them the rest of their life
Coming Soon

Coaching Programs

Accountability Coaching

Have your own program, but need help kicking your butt into gear to do it? The excuses and justifications just keep coming in! Life gets busy and then all of a sudden, your last on the priority list!
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Triathlon Coaching

Maybe you want to dip your toes in the water and do a try-a-tri, or challenge yourself with a sprint or olympic distance, or you want to go for the stars and race a Ironman 70.3 or 140, No matter the distance having a coach can be a game changer for your training
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Your new Coach.

As a certified fitness and triathlon coach and Triathlete I, Danielle Elizabeth, am passionate about using fitness to improve others and even my own mental health!

It all began when I discovered exercise improving my postpartum mental health after training for a 5 km run.  Now fitness is my #1 coping skill for life as a mom of 4 and as a triathlete training for her first Ironman 70.3

I bet your asking: What the heck is a mental coach?? As a mental coach my goal is to help you recognize the mental skills you already have and help you develop them to become stronger. Not only will these skills help you have better performance, commitment and success with the particular goal you currently have, it will give you the tools to take with you after this course ends and into many areas of your life outside of fitness and health.
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10 ways to Crush your Goals without standing in your own way

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If you're not sure what support is the best for you right now, reach out and talk with me, I'd be happy to guide you in the direction that will best suit your needs!
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