Mentally Fit Program

An Annual Signature program  

The goal is to improve your overall mental health with exercise and overcoming 'The Mental Game' that stops us from accomplishing our goals when things get hard or too much work.
Exercise has not only been proven to improve our mental health, I can firsthand tell you it has saved me in some seriously difficult seasons.
Personalized Fitness Plan

You pick a personal Fitness Goal and I create a plan for how to accomplish it.
Maybe you have always wanted to run a certain distance, or try a triathlon. 
But it does not have to be that intense, maybe it is just to get out walking every day...anything counts!
Weekly Accountability

You make Weekly Commitments or Smaller goals that will move you towards your bigger goal and be held accountable to them by your new supportive community!
My Mentally Fit Story

After my first daughter was born, postpartum hit hard....via anxiety! I saw a therapist, eventually started medication but was still never feeling like I had overcome it.
I ended up signing up for a 5km run... but I was NOT a runner.
I started slow like 30 seconds running-5 mins walking....but little by little I worked up to being able to run. What blew my mind the most was what started happening to my MIND!!
Mindset Training

Sometimes we have full physical capability to achieve something, but something stands in the ay and we sabotage it. Our mind is a very powerful thing and when we can overcome our own mental game, we are unstoppable.
Healthy Coping Skills

You will walk away with positive and healthy coping skills to use whenever life stressors come at you.

Mentally Fit Program

There are two ways to complete the program detailed below. 

You pick the way that suits your lifestyle and schedule the best.

The full program was what the program was designed for, and has all the components in place that will make you be successful including accountability, live support and obstacle

Full Group Program Includes
4 Strategy Calls 
Personalized plans & weekly Support
Accountability & Community
Mentally Fit Kit & Live Training

If you missed the window to get into the group program, the self-guided version you can do that although it is missing components of the full program, you can still be quite successful with.

Self-Guided Program Includes
1 Strategy Call
Personalized Plan
Mentally Fit Kit 
Digital Training

Dont Know Where to Start?

If you're not sure what support is the best for you right now, reach out and talk with me, i'd be happy to guide you in the direction that will best suit your needs!
Get Support
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