I want to ask you an important question someone asked me at the start of my healing journey....

Do you have the support you need?

Hi friend! My name is Danielle Elizabeth and I am a faith-based Trauma Recovery coach. I am passionate about supporting your healing and recovery journey, especially bringing Jesus into the process!

I believe every women needs Safety, Stability and Support in their healing.  I work with every type of woman: mom's and women who do not have children, Christian or not, I have geared my programming to fit exactly where you are at. 
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Healing Trauma as a Christian Mama Podcast 

Walking you through Emotional Healing & Trauma Recovery 


Christian mama's and Trauma Recovery Coaches walking you through the healing journey one step at a time.


Integrating Christianity and Psychology and Intertwining Trauma Healing Modalities with Jesus, the true healer 


While still giving you practical tools, Strategies and Skills that support your healing, growth and connection to Jesus

Emotional Healing Guide

For Christians


Learn some concepts that will be invaluable for your healing journey


Books categorized in different topics of healing and circumstances


Great programs I recommend (free and paid options) that can help give you the support you need 
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the rebuild 

Tearing down the strongholds to see and understand problem areas and first steps towards change & Bringing Jesus in to heal the wounds of the past

Rebuilding your self-worth and identity, Reparenting, Renewing your mind and relearning how to walk a healthy life
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Mother to your full potential

Teaching you how to work on your own healing and connecting to your kids at the same time
Resetting your nervous system, Reparenting your inner village, Regulating your emotions and relearning how to have healthy relationships with yourself and others. 
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I truly believe God placed Danielle in my life, strategically. She was there as my life started to fall apart, and she supported me through the rebuilding phase of my life. Having such insightful, compassionate, and sound advice when needing a safe space to turn to has been the single most impactful part of my healing journey. When I felt so unseen, unheard, and vulnerable, she was able to provide resources & tools to help stabilize myself. She has been such a support for transitioning from surviving to thriving.

I am unbelievably so grateful for her being able to help me process and overcome trauma, but step into the healthiest woman and mother I desire to be.

She has also shown my that there is such thing as healthy, loving friendships!


Adrianne Reelie