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Mental health struggles are on the rise each year.

Of the population will have or have had a mental illness by the age 40,
Of all those with mental illness in the world who never receive any treatment at all
Million people at least provide care to an adult with a mental or emotional health issue
3 x
More likely to have a process/substance abuse problem if there is a mental health challenge


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The Stigma

Even though we are making great strides, many still feel the stigma and are not comfortable sharing their struggles. This stops them from reaching out, getting help and suffer in silence.

There is another Side

Those who have someone in their lives who is struggling. Although they are indirectly affected by the struggle themselves, they are still very impacted and have very little resources and support for them to know what to do and how to navigate their situation. 


Both sides are susceptible to coping in negative ways  to the stress.  Unfortunately, temporary relief is easily accessible in alcohol drugs, even food, these negative coping methods are making peoples struggle so much worse.
This needs to change.
Every person impacted by mental health struggles should be supported, have places to turn for help and know that they matter.

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Why can I help you? Because I live it, I know it all from the inside out. I have sat where you are sitting and struggled the way you are struggling.

BUT I never stopped learning, failed but got back up and never ever gave any power to the thought of giving up.
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WhERE do you want to explore first?

Someone I love is struggling with their mental health and I don't know what to do.

Support And Resources For Those Walking Alongside Someone Who Is Struggling.
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The Other Side of the Struggle

Is the Church a safe place to go if you are having a mental health Struggle?

Seminars & Workshops That Are Focused On the Complete Picture; People Who Are Struggling Themselves And Also The Supporters
Equipping Events

Why do I set big goals and then self sabotage myself before getting to the end?

Programs That Use Exercise and Goal Setting To Improve Overall Mental Health Which Include Mental Strength Training and developing Healthy Ways To Cope.

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You can have poor mental health without a mental illness AND
You can have mental illness and have good mental health.

I always thought I was being strong In the support role to my husbands ups and downs with mental health, it took me years to realize the unhealthy coping skills that snuck into my life, and that I crossed over into an enabling and codependent role.

As I started to share our journey, I quickly saw I was not the only person who faces the same struggles. Learning firsthand that there was not a lot of resources for those who live on the other side of the struggle inspired a mission to create a way to support those who have someone in their life who face mental health challenges.

Starting in blogging and then getting my first published book called ‘The Other Side of the Struggle.’ The message has led into speaking, leading seminars and coaching others who are on the incredibly difficult other side of mental health challenges.
As I began to work on my own side of the struggle, I discovered exercise improving my mental health after training for a 5 km run and I could not believe what it did for my mind! I have never stopped running to help others improve their mental well-being with exercise since.

The goal of all programs is to provide resources to help build up your mental well being which leaves you equipped to handle your personal situation. 

It is proven that as we strengthen our physical health, we improve our mental health. For that reason, some programs incorporates fitness and Mental Strength Training to improve mental health.

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