Get to know me!

Here is a small snap-shot into who I am

Podcast Host

Host of successful podcast 'Healing Trauma as a Christian Mama'

Public Speaker

International Speaker on Trauma Recovery, Mental Health and supporting those who are struggling

Published Author

Author of 'The Other Side of the Struggle' and 'The Rebuild' among many other Articles and Guest Blog's 

Masters Student at Tyndale University

In my 3rd year at Tyndale University doing a M.Div in Clinical Counselling

Trauma Recovery Coach

I have worked with over 100 women guiding them in their healing journey

Mom of 4 

I have 3 girls and 1 boy who are ages 10, 8, 5 and 3
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Healing is Life Changing

So many people think they have to accept their debilitating mental health symptoms like anxiety and depression as life sentences. 

Healing unresolved trauma along with gaining tools to deal with the stress life brings can relieve many symptoms many are struggling with and empower them a life filled with peace and confidence. 
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For an Overview of The Rebuild

Support Offers

Below is an overview of the different way's I support people

1-1 Support

Refer for 1-1 support for those who are needing guidance, support and a roadmap through the healing journey

Group Program

Have Danielle host The Rebuild in-person or virtual for your small group or women's group

Mental Health Walk-In Clinic

For those who need more immediate and short-term support, this offer is a 1 hour call plus 7 days follow up support

Speaking Engagements 

Have Danielle come speak to your congregation, small groups, women's groups, youth groups about Healing our Inner world integrating our faith with Trauma Recovery

The Rebuild


The rebuild follows the analogy of tearing down and rebuilding a home. 

The goal of the rebuild is to leave no stone unturned, meaning we look at every area that has been proven to help us heal so you can walk away assured you dealt with everything you needed it.

The Rebuild

Before we even start to build we need to understand what we are dealing with and gather our tools and materials. Our toolbox is nervous system regulation which gives us the tools we need the entire rebuilding process 


First we must tear down, and we excavate to do so. We look at core beliefs that are driving us, implicit messages that have been on replay most of our lives. We look at Intergenerational Trauma and Attachment.

Debris Removal

Here we need to talk away somethings so we can rebuild on a healthy foundation. We remove the toxic shame that is weighing us down, going through a healing grieving process and address any spiritual implications that could be at play. 


 Not all is bad, and God restores what is good even better than before. We look at needs and healing wounds, Forgiveness and bring Jesus into the process 

The Footings

The footings hold up the entire structure and that is what our connection, relationship, dependency and intimacy with Jesus is

The Foundation

Building on a shaking foundation is not going to hold up the structure. Setting up simple yet powerful things in our life creates a sold foundation to build on.


This section is all about how we live in the here and now. We are reparenting our inner village, Learning how to stay emotionally safe and healthy healing in toxic relationships, Learning how to regulate our emotions and continuing to build our resources

The Roof

For many, we lost ourselves and now its time to rediscover ourselves through the lens of God. Our identity is what we finish the house with standing firm in who we are and living in confidence in that. 

Dont Know Where to Start?

If you're not sure what support is the best for you right now, reach out and talk with me, I'd be happy to guide you in the direction that will best suit your needs!
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