Support and Resources for Those who are walking alongside Someone who is struggling
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Someone I love is struggling with their mental health and I don't know what to do

There are not a lot of resources or support available for those of us who have someone in your life who is struggling mentally.  

This can leave you feeling very overwhelmed and helpless. 
You never know if what you are doing is right and no one that you talk to understands what you are going through. 

Having someone on your side that understands what you are going through is just what you need.  I am here to help, I have been there, and you can make it!
Have hope- you are not alone!

You deserve guidance and resources too


I will help you to:

Create an Action plan for Crisis Mode

Show you tangible ways to take care of yourself

Find new and healthy Coping Skills

Find and Utilize Resources to help you


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Danielle Elizabeth
Living on The Other Side of the Struggle for over 10 years, we have faced many crisis's.   All I wanted in the moment was to be able to talk to someone who knew exactly what i was going through.  It took me years to realize that my ways of coping had become quite negative and I had to crawl out of that darkness with no guidance.

My call from God is to use the lessons I've learned from our struggles to support those who are feeling helpless and alone.  I am passionate about creating resources to support others through this role and help them avoid the pitfalls I fell into.

My goal is to help you live on The Other Side of the Struggle.


All our programs are designed to support you improve your mental well-being

The Other Side of the Struggle

Support And Resources For Those Walking Alongside Someone Who Is Struggling.
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Seminars & Workshops That Are Focused On Both Sides;
People Who Are Struggling Themselves And Also The Supporters

Mental Fitness

Programs That Use Fitness To Improve Overall Mental Health Which Include Training On The Mental Game, And Gives Anyone Healthy Ways To Cope
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You can have poor mental health without a mental illness AND 
You can have mental illness and have good mental health.

Mental Well-being is our ability to overcome challenges, cope with difficulties, and be resilient by problem solving and being flexible to challenges that arise

There are many people struggling with their mental health or have someone close to them who is, and are both parties are very susceptible to coping in unhealthy ways.
Learning firsthand that there was not a lot of resources for those who live on the other side of the struggle inspired a mission to create a way to support those who have someone in their life who face mental health challenges.

Danielle Elizabeth provides programs and resources to help build up your mental well being which leaves you equipped to handle your personal situation. It is proven that as we strengthen our physical health, we improve our mental health. For some programs Danielle Elizabeth incorporates fitness and The Mental Game training to improve mental health. Exercise adds healthy coping for the difficult times that present challenges for you or someone you love’s mental well-being.

This helps people be successful in knowing what to do and where to turn, improves their own mental health, as well as gaining healthy coping skills and a new community to support them on their journey.


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Don't go another day not knowing if what you are doing is helping or not!
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