The Basics

A Starter Kit helping you Identity where there are 'cracks in the foundation' and what the next steps are onward to freedom and peace 
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Knowing you need help is one thing... Actually getting it, is another.  

but Why?


Getting help can cost hundreds of dollars a month which many cannot afford. No one should have to decide between physiological needs or getting help for their mental health.


Depending on where you live, it might not be that easy to get to the resources available. The one benefit of technology is how it is helping connect you to help from the comfort of your own home. 

Don't Know where to start

We start to become aware that something isnt quite right, but knowing exactly what it is and what type of support we need is confusing!  This makes knowing what steps to take challenging.  The BASICS give you a baseline of where you're at so you know exactly what you need. 
The BASICS workshop is affordable and accessible from anywhere in the world, and gives you a roadmap to stability and peace. 

You are not broken, you are a good person having a hard time

What you walk away with


A base line of where you are at

First you need to figure out where you are currently, and where the cracks might be. If you have a broken foundation, you are building on top of instability.


A Stable Foundation

After getting a baseline of where your currently at, its time to restructure the faulty systems and create a stable foundation for your mental health to build up from


The next steps

Now walking with stability, you can take your first steps.  Its time to dig up the toxic thoughts that are causing anxiety, depression, stress and more in your life! 

BONUS! Detox your Toxic Thoughts!! 
21 day Christian Mind Management 

Using Dr. Caroline Leafs Neurocycle, but bringing Jesus into it! We can build up our brain health, resilience and strength. Dr. Caroline Leaf developed a five-stop process called Neurocycle to help us get there. “The five steps teach you how to grow a healthy thought,” she says.

When you sign up for THE BASICS you will get the Christian Guide to the Neurocycle for FREE! 

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Meet your Instructor

Danielle Elizabeth is a Christian Mental Health Coach helping women find healing, freedom and peace through her coaching programs. As a student of Dr. Daniel Amen and Tyndale University, she is also continuously learning how to bring groundbreaking ways to help you improve your mental health
You get all this

Instant Access

Get Lifetime access to material right away!

Video Trainings

Learn from Danielle Elizabeth as if she was in your living room


Printable worksheets guiding you to personalize material to your life

BONUS: 21 day Christian Guide to Mind Management

Christian Guide and Support to Dr. Caroline Leafs Neurocycle and 
to become free from anxiety, stress and toxic thinking!



Dont Know Where to Start?

If you're not sure what support is the best for you right now, reach out and talk with me, I'd be happy to guide you in the direction that will best suit your needs!
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