Personal Training – In person 

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Individualized workouts programs designed for you specific goals.
♦ I will personally assess, design, and deliver individual, small group training, home, and workplace setting programs.

♦ I will take your main goal and devise it into a periodized program that will eliminate the problems of plateauing, keep you motivated and interested the entire length of the program.   

♦ Not only will we focus on weight loss and muscle building but also flexibility, mobility, and range of motion which are also incredibly important to our overall fitness health.

Online Personal Training 

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♦ Maybe you don’t have time to get to the gym, but need the support to know how to workout.

♦ Maybe you need guidance on where to start and how to continue a fitness program.

♦ Maybe you need someone checking in on you when you are supposed to be working out

♦ Maybe you don’t live near an actual gym (I live rural so get that!!)

♦ Maybe you want an affordable option to have the support of someone helping you achieve your fitness goals but can’t afford the rising costs of an in person trainer.

Online Personal Training is for you!

I will help you create the perfect fitness program for you that will get the results you want without breaking the bank. With the continuous development of technology, it is like I am right there with you pushing you towards your goals and encouraging you the whole way!

Muscle Explosion

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♦ Are you working out multiple times a week and getting no results?

♦ Are you looking to build muscle but lower body fat percentage?

♦ Are you looking for REAL results for your goals?

Muscles explosion is for you!

Focused on your muscle goals, we will train with foundational movements, progressive overload and get real results that you can be proud of.

I am aligned with a system and performance line that has amped up my own personal training and my clients, below is a video overview of the AMPED Line.


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