It was supposed to be a 5 hr drive and we were not switching from hotels to camping. So lets just say by dinner time, we had not arrived yet. So I had bought this ‘car slow cooker’ so for longer driving days we could cook while we drove a healthy meal and have dinner ready for when we arrived.  Well apparently if you turn the car ON when its plugged in that can be bad. So Lorne stopped for a quick stop and turned the car off and when he turned it back on, it blew the fuse on our cig. Lighter charger. We didn’t realize this until a few hours later when I realized the slow cooker wasn’t hot anymore and put all the pieces together. Apparently I had read this in the instructions days earlier but forgot to convey the message. So we have another charger in the back seat and managed to get the cord to reach there. Don’t forget this story, it makes below story even better.

For some reason our GPS couldn’t find out campground, and every device we had was dying, and now our charging unit was broken.  We stopped at a few places like mcdonalds to use wifi but even when googling our campsite there was NO address for it! We even went old school and used a ‘real map’ (that’s a paper map for any millennials reading this) and after 4-FOUR-hours of being lost and frustrated we finally felt like we could figure out the general direction of where we were going. No one has eaten dinner, its 9pm, the girls are legit eating a family size bag of salt & vinager chips and the slow cooker launches forward and LANDS UPSIDE DOWN ON LORNE. and the best/worst part, I couldn’t even contain it I started like belly laughing I couldn’t stop. So I pick it back up, and try and salvage what I can. Somehow an hour later we found the campground so now its 10pm and we are setting up the tent in the dark, everyone is cold, hungry and crying. Its just a mess gongshow. I tried making the dinner for everyone but by this point no one would eat so we just set everything up and went to bed. Only highlight of this is everyone was so tired except Matthew so everyone fell asleep (Mackenzie half on top of me) but the highlight was everyone slept in.

In the morning, we woke up to rain. We had plans to have a nice morning at the campsite eating breakfast and then checking out this ‘natural bridge’ which is a natural wonder of the world. The rain kinda ruined this entire plan, so we I write this we had Mcdonalds for breakfast (well everyone but me as Im following a program to eat healthy) and now we are sitting in a laundry mat cleaning the 3 huge bags of clothes we need clean. Its actually not the end of the world, we did a bunch of school work, and really needed to clean these clothes.

Once that was all done, it had stopped raining so we decided to check out the ‘natural bridge’ It ended up being SUPER cool!! It is one of the natural wonder’s of the world and was super cool and educational for the kiddo’s which was a win. It was very well developed so they had lots of things along the way teaching things and then there was an entire area dedicated to teaching about the indian’s that found the area originally. They had people working there and were super awesome at teaching the kids about stuff, which lead into lots of questions about history and culture which became another impromptu teaching lesson on our roadschool journey. It ended up being a pretty neat ‘rain day’ in the end!

Next up we are heading to meet a bunch of friends in West Virginia at Seneca Rocks where we are staying for a week. ONE place for a whole week!


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