Already, Destination 2: Virginia Beach!!

We woke up and packed up our campsite in Washington, I think I forgot to mention in our first post that our campsite was on a slopping hill. It was the worst and the entire site was full so that was our option. So basically where you fell asleep, you woke up on the opposite side of the tent. As Lorne says ‘I really know how to pick em’ We decided to leave Washington a night early because everyone had seen enough of DC and we wanted the beach! So we booked a last minute hotel in Virginia Beach and drove there. It was only a 3-4 hour drive but for some reason, felt like 3-4 days. We got to our hotel, and it was 2 blocks from the beach, so me and the kids went and played in the warm water and on the beach while Lorne unpacked and organized. Then we all went back and showered and bathed and watched tv. Lorne went and got the girls popcorn and we had little family movie night.

In the morning we went back to the beach and found some crabs and pieces of conks. The water was so warm and everyone was happy for the sun and sand, especially Matthew who ate ½ the beach. We then drove to our other hotel (we had previously booked this one) that was right on the beach on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach. We were early for our room but they let us park and go to the beach. It is a sweet place, there was a park right ON the beach so the kids played there, we had a picnic lunch and then played on the beach for the afternoon. The water was crazy, and the waves were super powerful so we couldn’t let the kids swim in the water so Lorne built sandcastles with the girls while Matthew and I walked the beach.  It was SO hot, so by the time our hotel was ready we needed to get out of the sun. We went back to the room and chilled for a bit, then went for walk around the Virginia Beach area and ended up at a restaurant for dinner. Matthew ate his first lemon and ‘loved’ it. After dinner we went and hung out in the hotel room and bathed and watched tv again.

One of the reasons we went to VB was because I got the opportunity to speak at a rotary club in Virginia Beach. It was an awesome experience, they were a great crowd and as I do more speaking, I get more comfortable public speaking, meaning my presentations go better. This one went really well, and I got a lot of great feedback.  While I was there, Lorne took the kids to see some fighter jets and boats. After they picked me up we drove 6 hours to Myrtle Beach.

*Cant get the pictures to upload today so will post some on Facebook!

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