I have had a journey over my 30 years with yo yo diets, gaining weight-loosing weight-gaining baby weight-loosing baby weight.

I have also learned a lot about my mental health, and that exercise is a MUST for me to have in my daily routine to keep me functioning the best I can be.

After Matthew I was eager to loose the baby weight, especially since he's my last, it is time to get this body back! I was on a strict KETO diet but then once I took on the challenge of a triathlon I started training 6 days a week and it was getting intense and I found myself coming home and literally eating every carb I could see in sight. I went on a hunt to find something that could help me continue to loose weight but also sustain me during my workouts.

I found some great things, and am still in the 'research phase' but today's video is the introduction to 4 programs/products I am trying out to see which is the best for me and my body. I will keep y'all up to date on which ended up being the winner for me!

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