Some people think working out is just as simple as getting out there and doing the do. But what they fail to understand is the mental part of working out. The need to dig deep to find the motivation to even get out there when your tired or busy. The fact that life is BUSY and its not easy to find the time to get out there, especially if you have things like kids in your life.

So today's post is about this aspect of working out and a few tips I have learned along that way that have helped me immensely with my workout mentality. 

Never ask yourself if you WANT to workout

My mom gave me this tip a long time ago. You will never be sitting there jumping up and down screaming YES if you ask yourself if you WANT to workout. Its hard to motivate yourself most of the time, so asking this question is not going to help yourself get out the door especially if your tired or it takes effort to get out there. 

Preplan your workouts

It is SO easy to get swept away in the busyness of life. I have found if I say to myself 'oh I'll run sometime this week'.... sometime never shows up dragging me out to run. I have learned that I want to prioritize my workouts and mental health, I need to pre-plan when, where and how I am going to accomplish them (I have kids so its not always super easy to just go do some laps at the pool, there are some logistics involved so it takes tons to coordinate)

Never Make Decision in the heat of a hard moment

I wrote a blog post about running once, and how it correlated to life. (Read Running Life here) But one point I made in the that post is to never make a decision on a hill. In life and running, hills are hard 'in the heat of it' moments. We just want it all to end, and the pain to stop. So we start rationalizing and making choices. Ok im going to stop at the top of this hill, Ok Im just doing 5 km today not the 7 km I set out to do. BUT once the hill is done, and I am on even ground again, my heart rate starts to slow down, I start thinking logically again and the pain has subsided and I can get my head back focused on my original goal. So moral of the story, you are not in a good enough head space 'in the heat of the moment' to make decisions 

Make Goals

I am learning how much of a goal oriented person I am. If I go to work out and have aimless plan in mind, I do not find myself as motivated and much easier to give up half way, than when I have a goal I would like to accomplish. They dont have to be lofty huge goals, they can be simple and easily achievable but it helps you focus. 

Remember how you feel after a workout

I didnt get into running because I love running, I got into it because I LOVE how I feel after. The feeling of accomplishment, exhaustion, the mental clarity and mental fog that gets lifted after a great workout. THAT is why I exercise especially on the days I dont feel like it. So after every workout I give myself a moment to relish in that moment, and to remember all the feelings I am feeling in it, so that when I need motivation to get my butt into gear, I can remind myself of this feeling.

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