There are so many ways to eat healthy these days, it's hard to find the best one for you! I have done so many diets and learned a lot about nutrition over the years and I have found a few tips to share with you about what is common among them all ---> AND WORK!

1. Keep a journal of what you eat!

There is something helpful about writing down what you eat, it keeps you accountable to yourself. Thereare now some great app's out there that have made this incredibly easy! MyFitnessPal is a big favourite of many people. Not only will it help you determine your daily goals, and counts it down as you input throughout the day... but it also literally has every food you can think of in their system including restaurants.  You can even scan the barcode from a product and it will usually be able to pull it up!
And if your like me, I tend to do math in my head that actually isnt real. I look at the calories on a chocolate bar and decide oh its not that bad if I eat the whole thing because its probably not THAT many calories. When I input it into a program, and SEE that its half my calorie goal for the day-I totally think twice!  



2. Dont Eat after 8 pm!

There is a lot of science behind the concept of not eating late into the night. Much easier said than done but I can notice a huge difference in the morning of how I feel and how bloated I am depending on how late in the day I ate. Im not a science-y person but I have heard many times that our food doesn't digest properly when we eat close to sleeping



3. Protein and Veggies keep you full!

Carbs have a lot of empty calories, as do many of our sugary filled treats. I find I am much more likely to sayno to poor food choices if I am full.  Protein and veggies are filling and keep you full longer, so making sure they are a big part of your dinner, I find to be very helpful!




4. Water, Water, Water!

I know I know you probably have heard this a million times. Water really is an answer to so many problems them run into while trying to lose weight. For one, it really keeps your tummy feeling more full. Second, you could be peeing so much you dont have time to grab another snack. Third, It really is good for you! 




5. Accountability

I am convinced accountability is the secret to success, especially with a goal like weight loss. Having someone to answer too, or knowing someone is checking in on your truly makes you think twice when feeling vulnerable or want that chocolate bar more than anything in the world. Also having someone to reach out to when said chocolate bar is literally calling your name is also why having an accountability partner is amazing! Hopefully they are actually helpful and tell you things like go drink water, not go eat the chocolate. (haha)



I hope some of these were helpful things to help you one, or five steps closer to achieving your goals! 

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