I am finally feeling like I am coming out of a tough, dark and awful season of my life. I am not there yet, but taking leaps towards being there because I hate being there. I have been listening to a lot of podcasts on my workouts, and listened to one on my favourite show 'God Centered Mom' where she interviewed Sandra Dalton-Smith who wrote the book SACRED REST.  This was the beginning of me starting to take a look at this concept of rest outside of sleep, and outside of physical rest. **Listen to the podcast here 

I am training for a triathlon, so I am working out 6 days a week. I have a 'rest' day each week for my body. I am doing a program that involves 'cleanse days' 1 day per week, for the inside of my body. BUT what God revealed to me was 'why am I so willing to rest my physical body, cleanse the inside of my body and ignore my soul, mind and spiritual needs for rest' It caught me off guard, and that is when I listened to this podcast and was like ok ok God I hear you. So I ordered the book and am going through it. 

I decided and felt strongly nudged by God to take it a step further. I dont only need to learn the biblical aspects of rest, and all the different types of rest, but I need a cleansing also; a reset. I have been struggling for weeks now, so many lies have come into my mind, so many doors have been opened to give Satan a foothold to try and take me down again. I havent been making great decisions in this season of my life and need to clease my mind from all this junk and toxins I have allowed in.

I have been feeling God ask for 30 days from me. 30 days of only bringing positive, truth filled things into my mind and heart and to keep out things that can be destructive to me. Below are my goals and reasons why and/or how I will be replacing these bad habits that if left to continue could destroy my life in more significant ways.

NO SECULAR MEDIA (TV & INTERNET) Watching show’s, video’s and media that will grow and support my relationship with God, opposed to the shows I am watching now that normalize and desensitize me to wordly things that are affect me negatively.
NO SECULAR MUSIC Listening to worship music in the car and at home
NO JUNK FOOD/PROCESSED CRAP Putting healthy things into my body and not indulging and binging on things that are bad for me physically
NO ALCOHOL Not coping with the overwhelming days and my anxiety with a glass of wine, but digging deep into the root causes of my anxiety and working through that with God and my therapists to be delivered and free from the bondage.
LIMITED PHONE USE/SOCIAL MEDIA USE (ESPECIALLY AROUND KIDS, FAMILY TIME AND WHEN SPENDING TIME WITH LORNE) Showing my family they are more important than my phone. Also learning to find healthier coping skills when overwhelmed than avoiding my life and checking out on my phone.

I have been completely ignoring this request for a few weeks now, but God has a way of continually nudging until we finally get it doesnt he. It is very easy to not share this whole idea with anyone because then I really dont have to stick with it, who would no if I cheated one day? But I need the accountability and also want to share the journey with you. 

I want to journey this with you and keep you in the loop of what I am how, how I am doing, and what God is doing in this season.  Think of this as a mini-series for the blog. 

I want to share with you a journey of looking back, going back into the past and renouncing area's Satan has gained a foothold and how I need to renounce what he is doing, and replace it with God's truth. I will be going through Neil Anderson's 'Steps to Freedom' again from his book Bondage Breaker.

I want to talk about the importance of prayer, especially praying for your spouse and I will be going through again one of my favourite books in my life Power of a Praying Wife.

I want to talk about REST and the different types I am learning about in Sacred Rest

I want to talk about why I want to be putting positive things into my mind through media and music.

I want to share what God reveals to me in this time because when he asks us to do things like this, it is usually to get our attention and reveal important things we need to hear but would not be able to with all the noise of everything else distracting us. 

So please follow me through this journey of getting myself back into God's light and out of the darkness hole I fell into. 

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