An Overview of all our Services and Products 

The Other Side of the Struggle

Support for people who have people in their life who struggle 

The Other Side of the Struggle Book 

Provides tangible ways to be in the supportive role to someone who is struggling.

 + Workbook 

A workbook that helps you Identify triggers, Overcome obstacles, Prepare for crisis and Take care of yourself.

+ Coaching

Get help with the process of going through workbook, but in addition get help for your specific situation
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Equipping Events

Seminar's and workshops designed to Shatter the Stigma of Mental Health in the Church, Equip people to manage it and support for those who have people in their life who are struggling.

Shatter The Stigma

This unique seminar reaching out to both the person who is struggling who is facing stigma and the supporters who are struggling along side not knowing what to do..
 It will also tackle tangible ways to cope with the challenges of having struggles with mental health no matter what side of it you are on.

The Other Side of the Struggle 

The Other side of the struggle’ is a seminar about what it like to love someone with mental illness.

Sharing personal and spiritual insight, some of the points covered are: What it is like for the person struggling, Helpful verses unhelpful actions, Self-care: How to avoid burnout,. Boundaries and Enabling, Grace and Unconditional Love and more.
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Mentally Fit

Unique 90 day program that incorporate physical exercise, a personal fitness goal as well as mindset training to improve overall mental health.

Mentally Fit Kids

This 'COMING SOON' Program is an exciting way to not only get kids moving but also will teach them healthy coping skills to take with them the rest of their life

Virtual Fitness 

Sometimes its hard to get childcare, pack up and leave the house to even GET to the gym! Virtual training takes out all the hassle and all the excuses so your mental health gets pumped up from the comfort of your own home

Triathlon Training

Maybe you want to dip your toes in the water and do a try-a-tri, or challenge yourself with a sprint or olympic distance, or you want to go for the stars and race a Ironman 70.3 or 140, No matter the distance having a coach can be a game changer for your training

Mental Fitness

Unique Fitness programs that uses physical exercise as a healthy coping skill and Mindset Training to overcome the obstacles that prevent people from using exercise already.


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